Baltimore Traffic Net

We are happy to help you send your first Radiogram!

Meeting daily at 6:30 PM (local) on the 145.330- Shawsville repeater.

The Balthimore Traffic Net (BTN) is a directed, local net of the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS). Its purpose is to handle message  traffic throughout the coverage area of the repeater. It provides an opportunity for amateur radio operators interested in traffic handling to improve their skills and provide a service to the general community. If the 145.330 repeater is not operational, the backup is the 146.670 repeater. Liaisons from the Maryland Emergency Phone Net (MEPN), WL2K, Maryland Delaware DC (MDD), Digital Traffic System (DTS) are available.

All appropriately licensed amateur operators are invited to participate in BTN operations.

If you are not a licensed, you may still send a Radiogram message, please contact our Net Manager.

BTN Net Manager:

Samuel “Sam” Robertson W3NTS



The BTN was founded 3/2/1995   By STM “Father” Al Nollmeyer W3YVQ